This is for everyone who doesnt have someone else. I will answer/give advice about anything that you may ask (: helping everyone is so inspiring (:
you guys should allll

promote me, i just made this today and need some followers to get this going.

Will you give advice about sex?


of course (:

im new to using makeups and stuff and i was wondreing if you could help on what to use


ahh i loooveeee makeup. im basically obsessed. i would say to defiantly stay subtle. use browns and golds and warmer colors for eye shadow. i like when its lighter on the inside and darker on the outer corner of your eyes. i love blush or bronzer on cheek bones. i personally dont use eyeliner on the top but i do on the bottom because i have big eyes. but i always like black eyeliner and black mascara.

i really like macs makeup but that can get expensive, so i sometimes just go for brands at target which work great too !

so did you just make this then?


yeah, i have another that i use for just things that catch my eye and people kept asking for advice and stuff so i decided to just make one for that so when people are scrolling through trying to look at pictures its not just a bunch of asks. at least with this one you know waht your getting yourself into !